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Redeeming Eve Bundle - Bible Study, Book, & Videos

Redeeming Eve Bundle - Bible Study, Book, & Videos

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“If Only.”  Two little words that lead to one big trap. If only I was married. If only I had children. If only I were thinner, had more money, a bigger house, a better family. Then...I would be happy. Then I would be fulfilled, satisfied and content.

Redeeming Eve is the journey towards wholeness and healing. The destination is to "live loved." God desires to heal and fill us. He invites us to drink deeply of the living water of His unfailing, unending, perfect love.

His transforming love will set your heart free and fill you with strength. Living loved will secure your identity, redeem your influence and restore your relationships.

Topics include Roots of discontent, rivalry, living from lack and labels, control vs. empowerment, source of security and confidence, stewarding our sexuality and living loved.

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Course Sample Video

Video Course Content

  • Session 1 - If Only
  • Session 2 - Eve: Paradise Born, Trouble in Paradise, Paradise Lost
  • Session 3 - Rachel & Leah: Living from Lack and Labels
  • Session 4 - Esther: Robed in Respect
  • Session 5 - Sarah: Trial of Trust
  • Session 6 - Abigail: A Voice and A Choice
  • Session 7 - Bathsheba: Seduce and Reduce
  • Session 8 - Ruth: True Beauty
  • Session 9 - Living Loved

How to Use

  • Journey as an Individual

    • Enrich your personal Bible study and devotional time by incorporating daily study from a Live Loved Bible Study Resource!
    • You can break video teaching down into 15 min segments, expanding each lesson daily over the course of a week.

  • Jounrey w/ A Friend

    I highly recommend partnering up with a trusted friend and doing the study together. The benefit is someone to discuss, process, and pray through your personal discoveries and application!  Additionally a partner provides accountability, consistency and shared excitement and insight. 

  • Journey w/ A Small Group

    • Church Group
    • Mothers and Daughters
    • Neighborhood Ladies
    • Workplace Gatherings
    • Club or Activity/ Sports Affiliation Groups
    • Gather a group of women with a shared curiosity in the topic of study.
    • For example, women with a heart for prayer and seeing transformation in their spheres of influence might enjoy a small group going through “Roar: Praying FOR Victory FROM Victory.” Or a group of Mothers and daughters might enjoy “Embrace Your Beauty: How Living Loved Transforms You From the Inside Out.”


    1. Have each group member purchase the study – with that they will receive their personal workbook and access to the teaching videos.
    2. Watch videos in group or during the week
    3. Gather for workbook discussion questions and prayer
  • Journey as a Church

    • Women’s ministries, MOPS, and other church groups can receive a large group discount on product purchases of 25 or more. Enter in your church name and contact info and receive a 25% discount on group purchase orders.
    • Participants will receive individual access to video teaching as well as church’s ability to share teaching in large group setting.

  • Join an Online Live Group

    Julie offers Online live groups for different studies throughout the year. Subscribe to Live Loved email so you receive the latest offerings and registration information!