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Julie Wright Live Loved

Redeeming Eve - Book Only

Redeeming Eve - Book Only

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“If Only.”  Two little words that lead to one big trap. If only I was married. If only I had children. If only I were thinner, had more money, a bigger house, a better family. Then...I would be happy. Then I would be fulfilled, satisfied and content.

Redeeming Eve is the journey towards wholeness and healing. The destination is to "live loved." God desires to heal and fill us. He invites us to drink deeply of the living water of His unfailing, unending, perfect love.

His transforming love will set your heart free and fill you with strength. Living loved will secure your identity, redeem your influence and restore your relationships.

Topics include Roots of discontent, rivalry, living from lack and labels, control vs. empowerment, source of security and confidence, stewarding our sexuality and living loved.

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