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Great Gift Exchange

Great Gift Exchange

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Christmas is coming! Can you feel the excitement and anticipation?  Christmas is an exciting and wonderful time of year! A time to celebrate.

But celebrate what? Or more accurately, whom? And just as importantly, why?

I invite you, your family, and community, to prepare your heart for Christmas and the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Pause long enough to learn, imagine and reflect on the wonder of Jesus; who He is and why He was born.

To help us ready our hearts, we’ll receive insight from some very wise experts. Some call them “wisemen.” Others call them “magi.” Still others refer to them as “kings from the east.” What were they looking for? Why did they leave their homes and travel great distances to see a baby? Why did they come bearing gifts? What did it all mean for them? And what does it mean for us?

So, pack up your imaginations and journey with the wisemen to a remote little stable in ancient Bethlehem. Help us unpack and present three special gifts, chosen with care, wrapped up in love and carried with purpose. These gifts and why they were given, will shed light and beauty into the glorious, pursuing, rescuing, and transforming love of Jesus for you and I.

We encourage you to set aside a special family time each Sunday of December leading up to Christmas. Take time to read the advent devotional for that day, discuss the meaning and do the activities as a group or family. There is something for everyone; young and old.

May we prepare our hearts and join with the wise-men and the shepherds worshipping Jesus at the manger this Christmas. 

Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

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How To Host

A Great Gift Exchange

Christmas Devotional Event

Gift Bags: Prepare a Gift Bag for every guest.  Each bag with contain 4 gifts corresponding to the 4 Gifts of the wisemen (did you know there was a fourth gift?!! Keep reading to discover what that was!)

Gift #1


Gift of Gold for Jesus as King; As King we receive the gift of Victory Choose any gift of gold:  golden chocolate coins, gold ornament, gold wrapped chocolate, gold candle sticks, gold hot coco bombs, gold bells, etc.

Gift #2


Gift of Frankincense for Jesus as High Priest; As High Priest Jesus gives us the gift of Personal Relationship with God.

  • Choose any gift that burns or smells good: candles,
    incense sticks, essential oils, tea lights, etc.
  • Add small bell to wrapping; representing bells of the High Priest.

Gift #3


Gift of Myrrh for Jesus as the Lamb of God; As Lamb of God Jesus gives us forgiveness and cleansing of our sins.

  • Choose any gift that “cleanses”: bath bombs, bathing salts, face masks, fragrant soaps.
  • Add snowflake ornament representing being “made white as snow.” (Ps 51:7, Is 1:18-19)

Gift #4


Gift of Worship; When we give Jesus our Hearts, Jesus fills our hearts with Love, Joy and Peace.

  • Choose any gift/ornament that represents love, joy or peace, Jesus or the wisemen, cross, Nativity or anything with hearts or stars.